Tuesday, 28 February 2012


The Chair of Happiness

Following my post of chair-related navel gazing, I decided rather than over-research the complex relative merits of dozens of chairs whilst sitting in a very uncomfortable one and carrying it back and forth between rooms depending on where we needed it most at any given time, I'd just freaking buy one. Most unlike me, I know. But buy one I did, and this is the best 'before' shot I can give you:

chair before
Him: territorial. Her: Hysterical.

The kids would not have been more excited if I wheeled the Messiah into the room. I can only conclude that they should get humble desk chairs for Christmas. And their birthdays. After I could prise them away from The Chair, I loosely followed this tute to recover it.

happy chair after

It was an even more straight-forward job than expected as the back rest ended up completely popping off with a screwdriver so I could just staple the new fabric to the backing. Word to the wise, however, pound the casing back on with a mallet instead of attempting to ease it back on with the screwdriver. I ended up with a small (but inconsequential) crack.

I have an additional reason for happiness today. Those of you on Facebook might have seen that I borked my serger last week. After a kind recommendation from a local friend, two of my machines (the broken serger and a previously broken regular machine that I've been studiously ignoring) were dropped off at NJ Sewing Machine Services in Polmont on Saturday. They could not have been more kind or helpful, and they completely fixed both for me within one working day. Coming in a a third of the cost (were actually talking about almost £150 in difference!) and at three weeks quicker than the local shop I've been using for servicing in the past, I could not recommend them more. Richard talked me through and showed me what was wrong with them, what he did to fix them, taught me loads of things I can fix myself in future and other things that I should really leave to the experts. If you are in Scotland, they're right next to the train station in Polmont so you can easily get there even without a car. Honestly, I've never had a more helpful (and less condescending) service.


  1. Maybe I should go to Polmont with my overlocker? So far I've waited three and a half weeks for my usual sewing machine shop to service it, and it's still not ready. I think even if I walked to Polmont and back it would have been quicker than that :)
    Ooh, and I was tempted to use that fabric for a coat for Munchkin, but this post has convinced me it's far better used for upholstery purposes..

  2. Ooooh - I have that fabric and LOVE it! It looks fabulous on that chair too! Perhaps now I know what to use some of the remaining fabric for!

  3. Fancy just buying something and not spending years agonising over the decision-that's never going to catch on, you know ;) I love your kids, they are hilarious! Chair looks good too, have you had a chance to sit on it yet?

  4. Chair looks great. Thanks for the tip on where to get machines serviced too, always good to know of an alternative