Friday, 17 February 2012


Cosmonaut Cool Cat

A big box of new fabric arrived from Sweden today.....

astronaut mosaic

The main haul being three different colourways of this amazing astronaut fabric.

astronaut green 1

Each colourway includes five different background colours so they are really great for colour- matching.

And the renegade stand-alone I couldn't resist?

turq cool cats.jpg

This Cheshire Cat-esque print on a bright turquoise background. Again, five different background colours for matching and the faces are up and down so you can minimise your wastage when cutting.

They're up and active as fabric in my shop already, and clothes using them will follow.


  1. A dress made from the green space fabric? I would wear it, and be the awesomest student on campus. ;)

  2. Ohmy! That astronaut fabric is out of this world! What's the manifacturer?


  3. Oh my!! Love the green astronaut!!!