Wednesday, 29 February 2012


If Einstein was alive he'd want to talk about these trousers

blue astronaut trousers waistband

And now that's the sky blue astronauts ticked in the box too, only the purple still to sew. Maia is gunning hard for a dress but extreme naughtiness on her part is making it hard for me to acquiesce. I know that the bad behaviour is at least 99% a reaction to having to patch again, but geez. So naughty.

blue astronaut trousers full

Anyway, here be trousers. Not much to add to that succinct summation. I did, however, omit these fabrics from my Know Your Knits post (on account of not having them yet), so lets get all Einstein and talk relativity. Compared to the clouds (and stars) jersey:

Comparative curling - before

These are nearly identical off-cuts being held down.

Comparative curling - after

And here they are when I let go: the astronauts are a lot less curly. Both are jersey knits but the astronauts are a slightly heavier weight and therefore a little bit more straightforward to sew.

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