Friday, 20 April 2012


Ask and you shall receive. Especially if you ask to be a loser.

Pictured: winners    Not pictured: me

It's that time of the year again when the MAD Blog Awards come around and I swither over whether to be gauche and mention it.  Well, today is the last day to nominate and I figure that because I haven't bombarded everyone with an all-encompassing Facebook / Twitter / newsletter / mail-merge / leaflet-drop-from-a-biplane campaign for noms, I'm allowed to be a teeny bit gauche. 

There are a bajillion categories*; many which I am automatically excluded from because of subject matter, and some of which I would receive only ironic votes but if you are so inclined I would really appreciate votes for Best Craft Blog and Best Small Business blog.  You don't have to vote for every category (as I didn't purely because I don't read blogs like that or I wasn't sure exactly what they even meant) but you do have to vote for a Blog of the Year to access the other categories.  If you're struggling for a Blog of the Year vote, I voted for my friend Kat at Housewife Confidential as she could by rights win 75% of the individual categories and is an all-round good egg.  Click the button below to nominate!

 MAD Blog Awards 2012

*MAD Blog Post of the Year, Best Family Travel Blog, Best MAD Baby Blog, Best MAD Blog Photography, Best MAD Blog Writer, Best MAD Craft Blog, Best MAD Blog for Family Fun, Best MAD Blog Family Life, Best MAD Food Blog, Best MAD Home Blog, Best MAD Schooldays Blog, Best MAD Small Business Blog, Best MAD Fashion Blog, Best MAD Thrifty Blog, Best New MAD Blog, Best Pregnancy Blog, Most Helpful MAD Blogger, Most Inspirational MAD Blog, Most Innovative MAD Blog


  1. done. fingers are crossed for you!

  2. The server will. not. let. me. in. I think it knows I'm not cool enough to be in the UK. Doesn't it know I'm Scots-Irish?!?!

  3. I'm not in the UK and it let me enter, but it made me enter Blog of the Year first. Since you're the only UK blog I follow, you've been nominated for that as well. ;-)

  4. You are hilarious KC! Thank you and good luck x

  5. well I tried and I am in Uk and it wouldn't let me either! will keep at it though!

  6. Dang, I got there too late! I hope you got nominated. I love you, your blog, projects, and shop and I'd love to see you win!