Wednesday, 17 August 2011


And so it begins again...

p2 048

Another summer draws to a close and school begins afresh. Can you believe it's been a year since I wrote tender loving sentiments through the tears as his uniform was put on for the first time? *

p2 010

Although it looks like they might have, don't worry, his little legs didn't break on the way to school. Like 98% of his physiogonomy-- not my genetic contribution.

p2 020

Look who's popped in to share the joy of the first day back at school. Alas, a very short lived joy as it dawned on her at the school gates that her constant companion for the last seven weeks has been wrenched away.

p2 031

If she could have, I think she would have glued her face to his.

*Rhetorical question. No pressure to leave a comment saying 'I can't believe it's been a year' or 'I totally thought it was a year.' Although feel free to start a dialogue about the speed in which this year passed like 'OMG, girl, this year!' and someone else can say, 'I know, right?'. Hold on, let me install Disqus.


  1. I will refrain from the holy hell where did that year go kind of talk because I'd rather comment on those adorable little legs. Very dashing in the uniform. I'm sure he will greatly appreciate that photo being shown to his first girlfriend.

  2. I know, right?
    wait... shit. Hold on, let's restart, I'll wait til it's actually my dang turn.
    I love that first picture, what a sweet little cheeseball smile. looooove.

  3. Aww bless him strangling his sister ;)