Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Technicolour Yawns for All

technicolour yawn quilt v2 lines

The sheer injustice of a single quilt between two kids was a situation that had to be rectified, and fast. Obviously, it would have made sense to delay the inveigling of quilts until both were completed, but logistically this was impossible when every stitch was supervised by the ever-present recipients. If I was able to weave the words, 'Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet?' into a tapestry it would reach to the moon. And back.

technicolour yawn quilt v2 detail

Although I cut the pieces for both of their rainbow quilts on the same day, I ended up dividing each colour into three pieces for Jamie's so I could quilt the lines slightly farther apart without them becoming inevitably crooked. For the interested, Maia's quilt has 182 stitch lines and I didn't want to do that again. Jamie's has a slightly more reasonable 115 lines. Between the two, I completely decimated my thread stash.

technicolour yawn quilt v2

The extra seam allowances meant I had to add two strips of white to the mix so it'd still be single-bed length. True fact of the day: it's impossible to take a good picture of a quilt on a top bunk.


  1. Your posts always make me wonder if there are 28 hours in the day in Scotland.
    I also inevitably find myself coveting a) your talent and b) your fabric.
    A beautiful quilt - family heirlooms of the future no doubt.

  2. Wow brilliant and so colourful no wonder your kids didn't want to wait!

    Where on earth did you find the patience to sew lines over and over again?

  3. Wow, hope my two never see these pictures or they will have me sewing lines!

  4. I was blog hopping and I fond your blog through several others. I LOVE your blog :) I can't sew to save my life, but I keep trying and your blog has great tutorials. I also really LOVE this quilt! I have wanted to make my daughter a quilt for ages, but I can't do all the decorative stitching. Seeing this shows me that it can still be a wonderful quilt with straight lines going across it. So now I am MOTIVATED!

  5. These are both so cute! And what good mother wouldn't blind herself in the name of fairness in quilt land?

  6. These are so cooL!! This is the kind of quilt I could like too - the swirly line type aren't good for my ocd/anal side but straight lines are good. I may have a go at a baby sized one....

  7. Those are so cool!!!!!!! Very bright and colorful :o)