Wednesday 31 August 2011


The Redundant Pouch

makeup pouch zipped

Even excluding present company, all the best birthdays fall in the last week of August... my Dad, my best friend from university, the object of my obsession, and Friend Sarah.

makeup pouch unzipped

After the success of last year's capacious make-up pouches, a request was put in for a smaller model. Ostensibly, it's for her handbag; rationally, it's because she doesn't need that much makeup.

makeup pouch side

Using my body as inspiration, this pouch has a flat bottom. Also like me, it's able to stand up by itself.

makeup pouch filled

I have it on good authority (Friend Sarah texted me) that it has already been trialled and deemed sufficient. I have very stringent quality control though, and have secured a night out tonight to confirm.


  1. You are so funny! "A flat bottom and able to stang up by itself" :) Thats great! I am always interested where people get inspiration and/or how they think about their projects!

  2. Haha great post..I love the fabric you have used on this make up bag.