Thursday, 18 August 2011


Splish Splash (and a burning question)

splish splash 020

I've been slowly making over our house in Operation: Save Our Collective Lives for the last forever, but one room that has escaped my clutches is the bathroom. Because a) it's the bathroom and b) it's the bathroom. But ever since I snatched the canvas off the wall to make the Orla Kiely organiser for the kitchen, the barren picture hook has been tormenting me. Luckily I have a million fugly canvasses awaiting decoration, so I snatched one today and got to work. (Those awaiting the burning question, scroll down to the bottom...)

Step one: Question my motivation for ever buying fugly canvas, find answers lacking.

Step two: turn normal striped fabric into chevron fabric by cutting strips on the bias.

Step three: sew them together in a nearly precise fashion.

Step four: staple and trim.

Step five: print words and trace them onto freezer paper.

Step six: use a craft knife to cut letters out.

Step seven: Iron the words on.

Step eight: Daub with acrylic paint.

Step nine: Peel and reveal.

Step ten: Hang and admire. Sigh that it's still the bathroom and therefore uninteresting to you (or more accurately: me).

Right, burning question time. Rather than just using Pinterest merely to organise my personal deficiencies into handy folders, I've actually been forcing myself to use it. Example: I'm obsessed with chevron fabric and have no chevron fabric, ergo I search Pinterest to tell me how to make my own. I know that Linky posts are a bit controversial, but would anyone be interested in a regular group feature (I mean a Linky *sigh*) of the things we've made using Pinterest for instructions or inspiration? Obviously, because I'm me, I reeaaaaaaallllllllllly want to see some Nailed It ones submitted too. In fact, that's the force compelling me. Like Cookie Monster, and this one:

Who's game?


  1. You are mad but for some reason I am saying yes I'll a kind of 'what am I letting myself into' kind of to go and pin a load of achievable things ;)

  2. Oh me me ME! I love Pinterest and make things I have repinned all the time. It has now got to the point where most conversations with my husband start with 'On Pinterest, I saw....' then he pulls a face.

    This week I have made black playdough with glitter in which the kids loved. I should just keep quiet about the Pinterest bit and just make them think I am Mother Awesomeness.

  3. Splish splash and I'm taking a bath...

    Oh, that Nailed It origami. A much needed laugh.
    Isn't Pinterest evil?
    I would join in! But what should I 'nail'...

  4. me! *waves hand about* though that totally wont help with my pinning addiction.