Friday, 26 August 2011


The Death Roll: now with less alligators

Hot Couturier needle roll closed

Remember when I said 'if you geek me I will geek you back'? I should have added a caveat that I might take so long you'd be tempted to hate me.

Hot Couturier needle roll

Approximately sixteen years ago, Louiz sent me some lovely fingerless gloves that she knitted after I bleated on and on about my Raynaud's disease and consequential non-functional purple lobster hands. Although I had every intention of returning my affection in a timely fashion, I hemmed and hawwed for ages on what to make her. As far as I am aware, she doesn't have silly schoolgirl crushes like me and Apryl so Viking Vampires couldn't be involved in my gift. She is a respectable woman.

Hot Couturier needle roll open

Finally, I felt so terrible that I hadn't gifted her back that I decided to make her a needle roll in her favourite colour purple. Knowing nothing about knitting (as evidenced by my illustrative use of paint brushes in the pictures above), I perused lots of tutorials to see what sort of features should be included. Dimensions that will accommodate needles? Check. A variety of different sized pockets? Check. Rollable? Check. Tie-able? Check.

Hot Couturier needle roll- vinyl pocket

Being a innovator, I decided to add some vinyl pockets at the bottom for these mysterious things called 'stitch markers' and whatever smaller knitting notions one might have. I was impressed with myself for thinking of such a handy feature. It turns out that there's a good reason why other people don't add vinyl pockets to their needle rolls: because it's evil to sew. But not as evil as me for leaving Louiz hanging so long.


  1. Well..ummm..perhaps it is a little late, but certainly worth waiting for. It is beautiful. Was there any particular tutorial you followed? I need one of these as I have started knitting again and my needles are the most unruly bunch you ever met!

  2. Looks fantastic! I used the tutorial

    to make a roll for a friend (and like you) I know almost nothing about knitting!

  3. what are you saying I'm not respectable? I'm totally respectable.*

    * may be a lie.

  4. Wow, this is amazing! Love the fabric too.

  5. Great Christmas idea for my knitting friend. Thanks!

  6. It's soo beautiful:)

    Plus I do so have a crush on vampires, just not viking ones because I've not been exposed to them. (One name. James Marsters)

    And less of the respectable thank you:)

    Pics of it full of needles will come, once I have made a final selection of lucky needles!