Monday 12 December 2011


The Festive Frock

christmas dress

It was the annual Kitschy Coo Christmas party on Saturday (this basically just means me and Friend Sarah hit the town), and I rustled up a festive frock shortly before / during / after I was supposed to meet her. It took me less than an hour, but I was still late. It's a red ponte knit using my cowl neck pattern but with a normal neckline. It has super-long sleeves in my futile effort to keep my wrists and hands warm.

christmas dress sleeves

I had every intention of being a proper blogger and getting pictures early on at the picturesque Christmas market, but it was crowded and freezing so I pulled my typical headless bathroom shots near the end of the night. I am nothing if not classy.


  1. Snazzy! Are you sure you have really big boobs? Because they look quite normal sized to me, although maybe it is your amazing sewing skillz that has made some sort of optical illusion dress where they appear to be about a C cup.

  2. Oh I'm positive. Appearance of a c-cup is down to hunching. There were pics I didn't post that showed the full horror :)

  3. Very cute! Perfect for dressing up and down, too.

  4. I think i need me one of these in every colour, but with extra bump room.....I am having serious waist envy!.....Please eat lots of mince pies before you post another 'glamour' bathroom shot. Thanks! xxx

  5. I LOVE it! It is great for layering, wearing a scarf, a shrug, tall boots...awesome!! I need to make one! Keep it up!
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  6. Very cute! It looks comfortable and warm while absolutely adorable!

  7. Your sewing skills never cease to amaze me. A lovely, festive dress!