Friday, 17 August 2012


Girl, you'll be a woman soon. But not as soon as you'd like.

first day school 3

Maia, the day you've been waiting for has finally arrived- your first day of school.  To you, the transition from 'little' to 'big' girl, the giddy expectation of following in your brother's footsteps, the tantalisation of reading and writing and drawing and learning and playing all day long

first day school 22

To me, a shift in our family dynamic. Just where, exactly, did my babies go?  There are long-limbed, semi-independant imposters in their place.  So I am learning too: you need me less, you need me more, you need me differently.

first day school 31

Maia, you have one of the strongest spirits I've ever known.  Your loyalty and enthusiasm are the things of legend.

first day school 30

You love so deeply, you burn so brightly, you feel so keenly, you hurt so badly.

first day school 12

My biggest wish for you is to believe in yourself as much as I believe in you: You are brave, you are strong, you are capable.


You might wobble but you can do it.  I will be here, encouraging you all the way.

first day school 11

Other than that, always have your umbrella in case inclement times.

first day school 26

Even if you use it as a weapon.

first day school 20

Oh, and your hair looks fine.


  1. Love. A little teary having watched her grow up on this blog.

    And it really is the long arms and legs that show how alarmingly fast they grow, isn't it?

  2. Gorgeous, and lovely words for your little lady. I hope the transition goes smoothly - I don't doubt that Maia will be fine, it's Mummy who might wobble!

  3. Ahh these little ones are growing up too fast! Good luck, Maia!! You'll be amazing!!

  4. Ahhh you have me in tears xx

  5. Awww, so sweet. What a lovely tribute to your little (big!) girl on her first day of school!

  6. So sweet! I love the photos, especially the hopscotch ones. This made me a little teary, how will I ever remain dry-eyed when Isla has her first day in three weeks? (And I tear up when I say that!)

  7. This is beautiful and so sweet. Er, where did you get the pattern for that dress I so want to make now?

    1. I'm afraid this is a store-bought dress! I toyed with the idea of making her uniforms but the fabric would cost me more than the actual dresses in the shops :)

    2. Bummer. Well, nice job buying, she looks adorable in it.

  8. Maia, You're a super star!! Enjoy the beginning of your school career.:)

  9. aaww, good luck maia! we're got 3 more weeks until we have the same thing - as my hubby was practically in tears wehn she tried her uniform on 6 weeks ago, i hate to think how we will be!

  10. So sweet Amanda. We adore Maia for all those reasons too, she IS brave and capable and strong and freakin gorgeous to boot. She is unstoppable that girl, now go forth and conquer! (Thomas is right behind you!)