Tuesday, 28 August 2012


The Best Kind of Scallops Leather Clutch

leather scalloped clutch full

There were joint-birthday celebrations for me and Friend Sarah this weekend.  Having previously regaled her with everything in my sewing arsenal (a makeup bag, a smaller makeup bag, a phone cozy, a Kindle cover, a shirt, a glasses case) I was flummoxed with what to make her.  And then I remembered: about six months ago she looked at a leather clutch in a shop for at least fifteen seconds.  She probably wanted one.  A plan was hatched.

leather scalloped clutch detail

Looking through my Pinterest boards, I was immediately drawn to this scalloped leather clutch by Me Sew Crazy.   But with entirely different dimensions, the addition of a zipper and lining, snazzy contrast stitching and precisely zero hand sewing.  And by snazzy, I mean  questionable.

leather scalloped clutch inside

Because Sarah is very special, she was allowed to have some of my precious Liberty leather. Because she is also very gracious and tactful, she said she would use it for a wedding this weekend.  I will have to follow her secretly to find out.

In other birthday girl news, after only 32 months of pining, my in-laws made my life complete.

Stunning, flawless, flattering.


  1. If that's the same buttery leather you made the Kindle covers from, then Friend Sarah is lucky indeed. And the hood with ears is a total bonus!

  2. Is that your summer outfit for scotland then?! PS - beautiful clutch, lucky Sarah.

  3. LOVE the clutch.....And that SO NEEDS to be your new profile pic on FB! lol x

  4. Oh my, that's...something. Probably very warm. :D

    The clutch is beautiful! I just found a gorgeous high quality leather coat at a garage sale with a ripped front pocket, and I'm trying to decide what to make of it. You may have just won me over here. Your friend is very lucky, that is a gorgeous clutch.

  5. Clutch beautiful but adult onesie a total score. Your in-laws are something to behold. Only slightly jealous.

  6. That clutch is stunning! Love it so much.

    I want a onesie! Arrrgrhhh!

  7. The clutch is AMAZING! I am afraid to sew with leather. It is so costly, I would be afraid of making a mistake!

  8. Wow... lov your Bag.... Do u perhaps have the pattern U used for the bag.... so awesome ... & Tell me do U sew your leather with a Domestic Machine or industrial ... I really lov leather & would lov to sew it... But really nervous about using my domestic machine and damaging it... Lov your Blog ...