Wednesday 22 August 2012


Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

collaborate 5

I've been in long-term cohoots with a fantastic duo who have came up with a really exciting idea.  I'm not going to tell you who they are*, but it rhymes with Bafterhours.  Remember my boy-cut brief pattern?  Well this is what it looks like actually printed onto fabric!

collaborate 3

All you have to do is cut around the edges...

collaborate 4

And sew them all straight up with a contrasting or coordinating trim. 

collaborate 2

Behold, a glorious selection of boy cut briefs. 

collaborate 1

Ready to bedeck even the most generous of bums with their magical anti-wedgie properties.

Hyperbole aside, I'm really excited about this collaboration.  Some time in the autumn, you'll be able to buy boy-cut brief kits that come complete with several different funky designs on super soft interlock, coordinating trims, and of course the instructions to sew them up.  I love the prints they've designed especially for the briefs, and I'm particularly enamoured with the retro rainbows and revisionist Union Jacks. 

*Okay, I will tell you. It's Crafterhours!  Following on from their mucho-successful 'I Spy' project of Spoonflower designer-led fabric collections, they're branching out into other awesomeness.  There are other kits on the horizon (another of which I will share shortly), but also labels, prints, drawer-stickers...  and Union Jack panels with which you can do this...

To a Dolman tee no less.  Once they are all ready to go, I'm hoping to offer the kits to you British and European types through my own shop.


  1. love it - what a great idea! now if you can just introduce a disney princess range...

  2. OoooOooH! Like.
    I do not, however, like the Vanilla Ice earworm you have given me thanks to your post title.

  3. How Exciting! I love the prints that were designed.:)

  4. I NEED these kits right now! Gorgeous prints :)

  5. What a great idea! They look so cute.

  6. eagerly awaiting stock in your shop, i think even i can just about manage to sew these up!

  7. These undies are insanely adorable! Best buns around for sure.