Thursday, 23 August 2012


Update on All the Things

With both kids happily ensconced in school and myself caught up on all the orders I received through email (rainbow dresses upon rainbow dresses upon rainbow dresses), the shop is now reopen for everything.  A couple of fabrics and the clothes they made have been sadly retired, but might re-appear if my stockists replenish.

I'm also making a (long-overdue) effort to streamline my offerings, so appliqued items like organic t-shirts and rompers are a bargain-licious 50% off!  Sizes are limited, so go forth and snatch!

In pattern news, three of my coat patterns have been unavailable for some time after I ran out of prints and I flailed and angsted about whether to re-order paper prints or switch to pdfs.  However, the cacophany of 'Why u no have coats?!' has forced me into a decision and I am switching over to pdfs.  As we speak.  Ish.  If it works out using a combination of 16 different pdf programmes, I'll be rolling all of my patterns into a pdf option.

military coat collage

In other coat news, anyone remember the erstwhile military coats? The main difference between these coats and my others are the addition of pockets and a zipper instead of buttons, but I've also graded through 7Y/8Y for both the boys and girls version.  If there's interest, I will pick up where I left off (which typically for me is about at the 95% complete mark) and try to get this released for the autumn.

cool cat sleeveless skater dress

And finally, the skater dress pattern.  Again, I was perilously close to releasing this before I went on holiday as a sleeveless skater dress pattern but some magical time warp occurred and it's almost September and the option for adding sleeves is a necessity.  'But wait, Amanda...', I hear you say, 'You also make sleevey skater dresses!'  I do, indeed, but they are raglan sleeves and not compatible with the sleeveless bodice.  We all know how much I like drafting sleeves.  But drafted they will be, and hopefully this pattern will be an autumn release as well.  

Did I mention I'm having a huge clearance sale?


  1. Yes pleeeeeeeeease to the military coat pattern. I still haven't forgiven you for not releasing it last time and making me poke my eyes out in despair with a terrible commercial pattern adaptation and thinsulate nightmare fiasco.
    And hurry up skater dress! I have an impatient munchkin needing twirly clothing :)
    Erhum, sorry, that was all a bit impatient and demanding!

  2. I agree, LOVE the military jacket!

  3. Um, YES to the military coat!

  4. Pleaseohpleaseohplease make a Pdt pattern for the military coat!

  5. Yes please for the military coat ...not that I don't already have a queue of coats to make....but who doesn't need a super cute coat pattern to make for three little boys ?

  6. No need to delay the release of your sleeveless skater dress. I am in need of your skater dress without sleeves (size 6)... we are into spring here :-) ~Heather~