Saturday, 2 March 2013


I am Boy-Child, hear me Roar

starlion long sleeve dolman roar

With the Skater Dress complete, I got a chance to quickly sew up another Dolman tee long-sleeve hack for the boy.  I'll be posting the pattern pieces and tute tomorrow!

And what better time to sew for my boy than Celebrate The Boy time by Made by Rae and MADE?

starlion long sleeve dolman 2

I've said it before, but it's a really good time for 'boy'-fabrics in the shop right now, and a lot to appeal to older boys.  As Jamie is rapidly approaching eight I have a lot less leeway than I used to with the things I make him.

starlion long sleeve dolman 4

My new friend Max calls this fabric 'Commie Lion' which is both funny and apt.

starlion long sleeve dolman 3

I know, I know... cool shirt / what a bad-ass fabric / my hasn't he grown.  But also: have you ever seen Jamie's hair this long?  It's dangerously close to mullet territory, saved only by the mutton chops balancing out the party at the back.  True Story: we're not sure if his hearing problems are coming back or it's the hair muffs.


  1. For some reason, I have Rocky and Eye of the Tiger racing through my brain! Cute shirt for your little man!

  2. I love his hair longer :) And his roar is adorable!

  3. His hair is so different I almost didn't recognize him. It's like overnight his face has changed from little boy to older boy. Handsome as always!