Thursday, 28 March 2013


Skater Dress Pattern Tour: EmmylouBeeDoo

Today we're swinging by EmmylouBeeDoo for her Skater Dress rendition(s).  Sarah first came to my attention after winning the first Kitschy Coo fabric giveaway and we've since become (as proclaimed by me) Instagram BFFs.  As well as being generally hilarious and having the distinction of spawning one of the cutest kids I've ever seen, Sarah has serious sewing swagger.
See? Recognise that fabric bottom left?  She graciously used the fabric she won to pay it forward with a bubble skirt tutorial.  And then did another tutorial for a twisty bubble skirt.  These tutorials should have given us premonitions for Sarah's next endeavour...
Her own line of patterns!  Let us all collectively cross our fingers that they're graded up to Maia's size.

Sarah sewed up not one but two Skater Dresses and her fabrics are amazing.  I admit to being introduced to an animal hitherto unknown to me (not the rooster snarky folk).  And she piped the waist seam too!

Jump on over!


  1. LOve the roosters! and the piping on the waist is super rad.