Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The Current State of the Girl

eye patches both

Those of you on Instagram witness full-on angst mode from me yesterday.  Maia had yet another eye appointment at the Opthoptist (which is normally angst-inducing enough by itself) but after our last visit they had asked my to make some of my patches to leave there so they could recommend them to other patchers.  Oh, and leaflets too:


Can you spot the spelling mistake? I couldn't, until they'd all been printed.  By the detestable printer that prints off grain so you need to true up every stupid side of every stupid paper. And then of course when we got there it was a different (slightly more intimidating) orthoptist than the one who asked me to bring my wares the last time so I sat there fervently clenching and unclenching my jaw while wondering whether to say anything at all.  But I did!  And she was super enthusiastic and I cried hot sweet tears of relief internally.  But enough about me.  The good news is that we're taking another break from patching (possibly permanently).  The a-little-bit-less-than-good news is that her bad eye appears to have reached it's full potential through patching; at the last three appointments her eye has had the same results so the patching has done all it can.  Which sounds a little bit dejecting, but the opthoptist showed me how far we've come in the last almost two (!) years:


Before we started, Maia's bad eye couldn't even read the top line.  That's pretty terrifying.  And now, she's able to see between six and seven lines below that. Not quite as good as her good eye but not too shabby either.

eye collage

And here she is before and after her appointment: the only thing better than not wearing the patch is not wearing the patch but also eating a Mint Aero.


  1. Hooray! That's a wonderful improvement!

  2. Hello you. Emma might have to wear a patch - but she only wears glasses for reading. If she has to get a patch, is there a way of attaching yours without glasses? I suppose you could stick some elastic round the bakc like a pirate?! I'll let you know after her appointment next month...

    1. Hello to you as well :) I will need to think about if it's possible to adapt it so you wouldn't need glasses to hold in place... where there's a will there's a way!

  3. Yay!!! And I *still* cant spot the spelling mistake, but then I am Iowan and spelling isn't our greatest strength.

  4. What an amazing improvement, well done to you and your gorgeous girl x

  5. It's that extra "u" ;) Happy for your patch-less girl!

  6. Fab news about Maia's eyesight. Thats brilliant. Those eyepatches are the coolest thing ever.

  7. aaw, that sounds like it went well. loads of people have one eye worse than the other but that's an amazing improvement. i did spot the typo but not straight away!

  8. This is great! I have a "bad eye" (My mother can never remember which child has which eye problem... hah!) and it went uncorrected throughout my childhood. OK Actually they tried to make me wear a patch and I revolted. OK I used to take off the patch whenever the grown up left the room.

    ANYWAY - Good for Maia for being such a trooper...that's such a big improvement! But don't be worried that it's not as good as her good eye...the brain adjusts to the difference and she won't even know there's a problem. I can't read the top line with my bad eye (But I do a good job guessing!!), and I can drive and everything. Sports with small balls are a bit difficult. She'll be fine!

  9. Great improvement. Love the eyepatches :)

  10. That's great news, yay maia!! Why are mint aeros both the best candy in the world and also the least exported? My market tried to trick me with a regular aero recently, but I will not be bought so cheaply.

  11. Yay for improving vision! And for Maia for being so brave through two years of patching.

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  13. Hi Amanda, you can try feeding Maia with a squash vegetable that can improve eyesight.

  14. Hi! Your blog is so entertaining,the way you write, your humour, wit and sarcasm!

    I also think it's very inspiring to see the scandinavian fabrics in a setting outside Scandinavia, with other ways to do things than the ways I see everyday in the norwegian/swedish "sewing community". Sometimes people in the sewing internet society in Norway ( say "Hey, we all sew the same, same style, same fabrics." And in a way they're right.

    Third, these eye patches were really nice. I have thought about sewing for my six year old son, but he doesn't wear glasses. I'm not sure he will tolerate elastic around his head. But after the pathes he uses started to come in a unisex version instead of girl's pack and boy's pack, I have become more eager to sew. Now we have to throw away lots of pink camouflage patches with glitter, no way that he wants to wear them...

    Easter greetings from Annwes, Norway