Monday, 25 March 2013


Skater Dress Pattern Tour: Elegance and Elephants

Starting off the Skater Dress pattern tour is Heidi of Elegance and Elephants! You might know Heidi from her fantastic Knock It Off series, or maybe you remember her winning the Project Run and Play Sew-along Signature Look in February 2012? And then becoming a bona-fide participant of Project Run and Play in the next season and again knocking it out of the park?
Heidi describes her style aesthetic as classic and vintage and her attention to detail is exquisite.  Just look at the hand embroidery on the apple coat! The leaf and stem on the hat! The buttons and stitching on the military coat!
And guess what?  Elegance and Elephants has just released their first sewing pattern. So cute.
Living in Canada with a lack of locally available funky knits (her words- no Canada judging from me!) didn't stop Heidi from making a super stylish Skater Dress with just monochrome plains and fabric paint...

Skater dress pattern tour Elegance & Elephants

Hop on over for a bunch of pics of her adorable modeling and a review of the pattern!


  1. cute! I love the stencil idea :)

  2. Yay! It's adorable! Congrats on the Tour Kick-off, Amanda! :D

  3. Thanks for this sweet intro, Amanda, and the opportunity to make your adorable dress!