Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Skater Dress Pattern Tour: Elsie Marley

I'm really excited to welcome the second blogger on the Skater Dress Pattern Tour, Meg from Elsie Marley!  As everyone in the world knows, Meg is the brains behind the uber-popular Kids Clothes Week Challenges that twice-yearly gets the sewing community rared up about sewing clothes for their kiddos.  There are many things I love about Meg's blog, but her quirky sense of fun gets me every time.
Have I mentioned that I'd like to live in her house in a completely non-creepy way?  I'll take the cloud loft bed on the right please.
Here's a sneaky peak of what Meg did with the Skater Dress... it has a hood!

 Hop on through for the full post.


  1. I am absolutely in love with the hoodie! my skater dress is so going this route, what an excellent idea meg had. who knew this little gem could be improved upon.