Friday, 16 April 2010


Draw, Glue, Glitter, Make

After yesterday's angst-fest about the placement of my new banner, it's now happily resting more-or-less where it should be and bestowing my blog with 450% more prettiness than it had previously. The lack of a pretty banner has been bugging me for awhile now and my own efforts at making one made my blog 450% less pretty. So I asked for recommendations on Twitter I was pointed in the direction of SheDraws.

Main site linking Folksy / Etsy / Blog / Twitter

Those of you active on Folksy will definitely recognise her work; I first came across her with her entry in the Folksy/Howies competition. She makes adorable things with her illustrations:

Page one of Folksy

But she also has turned her talent to banner design and has made all of these:
Other banners made

Armed only with a vague notion of what I wanted and liked (because I didn't really know myself), Laura made the perfect banner for me and I'm much happier with the way my blog and Etsy look like now. And just because I'm gushing, I think you should go right now and read her blog post on the difference that photo editing makes to your product shots (including before and after pictures!). It's essential reading for anyone who's crafty.

Disclaimer: This review is in no way sponsored or discounted, I'm just very happy with my banner and committed to supporting other independant makers!


  1. very pretty indeed, it looks great

  2. is the washing line banner the new one that she made for you? very pretty.

  3. Thanks. Yes, it is the washing line banner :) Before that I just had words and no picture at all!

  4. You do look professional but charming now. I can see why you are so pleased.