Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Coming soon: I take on the big 4, kick *** and become a film star

I don't have a good history with commercial patterns with their silly seam allowances and nonsensical instructions. Or their crazy sizing that deems me more than two times bigger than clothing stores, which is Not Good for the ego. But with Vogue Patterns having their big ol' pattern sale and me having my big ol' doppelganger, I reckoned the time was nigh to add some new patterns to my growing arsenal. My entirely unused arsenal, but, hey. Don't judge.

Have a little look at what I got... I think you can sense a theme, no? I am completely and flabbergastingly into dresses just now. Which is insane because I don't wear skirts or dresses as it's freezing here and I have purple legs. And I certainly don't need dress-up dresses with belts and pencil skirts and waspish waists because they require non-sneakered feet and tidy hair. And occassions that are appropriate. I have worn a dress-up dress exactly twice in the last four years and one of those times was because I was the bride. Maybe it's more the occasions that I'm pining for?

So here's my favourite Big Girl sewing blogs, responsible for giving me delusions of grandeur and a deep sadness for lack of occassions to dress nicely:
  • KidMD: The Cool Girl who was cool way before the rest of us. Resident expert on correcting fitting and current BFF after she showed me her doppelganger. We've been discussing our naked bodies ever since. Which basically goes, 'ZOMG they're identical'.
  • Gerties's New Blog for Better Sewing. Don't let that mundane title put you off, it is made of awesome. I'm really inspired by her adventures in vintage styling and her blog is a veritable hotbed of interesting discussions on body image and gender in fashion.
  • The Selfish Seamstress: I can't believe I'm even telling you this... She is more funny than me.
Here's a depiction of how my live is going to be after I make these dresses:

Yep, that's basically me in the green dress. No one Every one already tells me that.


  1. I love all you dress choices especially the waspish waisted ones! I think these could be worn every day in the dream where I'm Donald draper's mistress.
    Also I'm fine with you being Joan Holloway (love her) providing I can have the dastardly DD!

  2. Wow, I think I'd like to join in that lifestyle. Better buy the pattern too!

  3. Hey look, there I am in the black dress! I love those patterns! Every girl needs a pretty dress or three.

  4. I've been on a big dress kick too lately, also partly inspired by Mad Men. Such [i]gorgeous[/i] frockery.

    How are you on the old FBA? You might have to do a couple of different versions for your different dress patterns, but it makes a huge difference and your rack is too awesome not to fit clothing to impeccably, if I may be so bold.

  5. "She is more funny than me"

    UGH. No, she absolutely is not. You are lightyears funnier, more talented, more informative, and just plain more fun to read. I for one will be happy when the incredible fascination with that blog ends.