Monday, 26 April 2010


Pin up girl hoodie

I mentioned the other day that the lovely Soph4Soph had sent me some fabric to make hoodies for her progeny, and that you should prepare yourself to die a tiny bit. Well, here's the first one, for her little girl Sophie:

I'm very excited to do these commissions because it's always fun to get fabric outwith my stash... but also because Soph4Soph is a children's clothing designer too. She has an amazing selection of fabrics (which don't overlap mine too much) and I have to fight the jealousy when I see what she's using. Except for this time when I get to partake!

This fabric has lovely bubblegum colours, but it's not over-saccharine. It's lined with cream flannel with red cuffs and waistband. I'd also like to note that Brighton has a preponderence of incredibly stylish children, and second to Edinburgh has the most children sporting my wares.


  1. Interesting - I hadn't seen Soph4Soph. I'll keep an eye open for this hoodie though!

  2. Holy freaking cutest fabric ever!!

  3. That's amazing.

    I was hum-ing and ha-ing about getting some pin up girl fabric for a hoodie for Devin. He loved the idea, plus he's desperate for you to make a hoodie for him after seeing Brodie's.

  4. OMGosh! Sophie is going to LOVE it!!

    Thank you SO much for making it for her!
    can't wait to see what the other hoodie will look like! Eeeek!

    you are SOO talented!