Thursday 1 April 2010


Warning: You might feel giddy

Remember the other day when I said that as well as sending me the pink manga girls fabric, Kirsty also send me The Most Fabulous Fabric in the World *TM? And that you should take your meds in anticipation? Well, I hope you have been because I take no responsibity for heart attacks, panic attacks or any other pre-existing condition you came to this post with.

Yowzer, those are some mighty fine Care Bears. The only thing that would make this fabric more awesome is if they were doing a Care Bear Stare. Fabric designers, do not steal my ideas.

I have fashioned the Care Bears into a hoodie and tempered the potential saccharine overload with dark purple cuffs. Oh, and a goth side.

Now she can also wear the Care Bears with irony. It has big pockets.

This took me much longer than planned because the time was nigh to construct it entirely from the inside. This meant sewing the zipper in blind and the most counter-intuitive sleeve finishing ever, but I pulled on my big girl pants and figured it out. I definitely prefer this construction to the way I was doing it before and it should take less time now I've got the hand wringing and teeth gnashing over with. Now I just need to rewrite the tutorial and it should be ready for testing!


  1. When you get amazing fabric do you not get the fear a wee bit?
    That is awesome btw.

  2. I found smurf at the beach fabric a while back copywrited 1982 and I sold it. I'm such a super-idiot.

    Love that hoodie! I really do need one...(hint, hint)

  3. Hells yeah (I honestly can't stop saying that...)!!!

    Do 'em in adult sizes?

  4. You see. Too smart for words. Zips and counter sleeve thingys, sewing blind (blimey that's clever) - all complete gobbledygook to me. I am deeply envious.

  5. Oh I love it! Care bears?! Inspired.

    What next...? My Little Pony? Thundercats? Fraggle Rock? Dangermouse? Rainbow Brite? Ooo, I'm just drifting off into a 1980s time tunnel.... thanks for the memories :o)

  6. You see, we differ, if she had sent it to me I'd have changed my name, dyed my hair and fled the country with it under my arm. Soooo yummy! x

  7. Can you make me some big girl pants please? In Care Bear fabric?