Thursday 29 April 2010


Pirate boy hoodie

Pirate hoodie- white side

As I mentioned in the Pin Up hoodie post, I was asked to make not one but two hoodies for Soph4Soph. This one is for her one of her middle sons.

Pirate hoodie- neck detail

I was sent both the white and the red colourways of this pirate fabric as we weren't sure that there would be enough of the white one to make a whole hoodie. When I layed the pattern pieces out on the white (which came in two smaller pieces), I reported back 'Yay!' and asked if rather than the mono-colour flannel lining I usually do if she wanted to reverse it with the red.

Pirate hoodie- red side

Little did I know that it would actually be the red I would be short on so after lots o'staring and playing around with different combinations in my head I came up with this as a solution:

Pirate hoodie- hood detail

Both sides of the hood have a fat black flannel band around the face which I'm rather pleased with (if I do say so myself).

Pirate hoodie- back

My favourite view is from the back where you can see both the prints and the black band. This is the first time I've lined a hoodie with another print and I think the black band breaks it up a bit and stops it looking uber-busy.


  1. Another gorgeous creation, Amanda - don't know how you do it. Nice impro with the black band! I would love to be clever enough to make clothes. Can't decide whether this one is cooler than the other one you made for Soph4Soph... decisions decision.... xox

  2. I just drooled on my keyboard.

  3. That is wicked awesome. So cool!

  4. Looks really funky, I bet he will love it.

  5. That hoodie is wicked. Absolutely love the plain band, it really does the trick. That young man is going to be so pleased!

  6. Very cool, even my hubby would wear that, OK so a few few sizes bigger!! Kx

  7. Fantastic - my boys would totally go for that! (Probably in weird fabrics, but they love hoodies!)

  8. Want. One. For. Me.