Friday 30 April 2010


Amanda, Queen of Sadland

Drunk with the success of making myself something shapeless and unfitted, I naturally concluded that it was entirely possible to make myself a corset. That's an logical thought process. Nope, I don't need to read any tutorials at all. It's not tricky at all to make yourself fitted cup when you're a G-cup, no sir-ee. Let's see... Going to make the inside lining now before I chop into my very expensive silk shatung for the exterior. First, I'll do lots of gathering:

Ugh, still to much fabric. How about a dart? I put 1/4" ones on a skirt once! It was so easy.

Yes, I will put one right here. I like this dart. Piss off, gathering. I'm going to put darts everywhere.

Yes, four darts per side sounds about right, going this way and this way and this way and this way. No, it doesn't look like I have shattered my breast and Frankensteined it back together, not one bit.

Yay, it fits my doppelganger! Guess I better try it on me. Sh*t, this is incredibly low cut. It's not Spring Hussy week, it's Spring Top Week. Nevermind, I will be able to sort it with my sewing fu when I construct the outer with my very expensive silk shatung. Better pratice the gathered bodice with my muslin.

Nevermind, too bulky. I will just duplicate the lining pieces. Snip, snip, snip silk shatung! Nevermind I've had you forever, unable to cut you because I love you so much. Sew, sew sew silk shatung.

Seriously, WHY ARE YOU SMALLER THAN THE LINING?! I hate you , silk shatung. Cry, cry, cry. Stare, stare, stare. Must. be. fixable.

To be continued..... (maybe)


  1. I feel for you,I really do, cyber-type-huggage!
    Have you thought about contatcing Julia at Marmaladekiss, she is the corset queen and is really nice to boot. Hope part two is more hopeful xxx

  2. spring hussy week sounds like an american college thing - good luck with the rest of the corset, look forward to part 2.

  3. Been there done that, similar shape so buying usually a no-no. Put it away do something you can do blindfold and then look at it another day. It does work. Many of my disasters would have ended in the bin (expensive fabric or not) if I had not done this. And if all fails get yourself Simplicity's Simply the Best sewing book, ISBN 0-7394-2100-X, which has a whole section relating to bust alterations. Good luck. It'll be divine!!

  4. oh [removed sweary words]! How annoying and frustrating. Hope it looks better with a bit of time between you and it.

  5. I agree with the step away and revisit advice. It helps to have a clearer perspective.

  6. Can you put some eyelets and lacing in to save it? I have a really good complicated book all about making corsets if you would like to borrow it (disclaimer: I have never actually made a corset, but if I did I would use this book).

  7. I coughed up a lugey from laughing on that sentence about darts this way and that way - you accomplished what steroids, antibiotics, and 2 inhalers couldn't do - send me a bill!

  8. Oh I do feel your pain with this :( but you did make me laugh....I have that feeling about gathering too. Hope it all turns out ok. xx