Wednesday, 31 March 2010


You, helping me, to help yourself

Further to this morning's post, I've appeared to make the hoodie armhole my b*tch and will be able to finish it today. Yay, me. But what about, yay, you? I still need to test out my 18m/2T size and now that Maia is firmly in the 3T/4T camp I have no one to sew one for!

So... At half my normal price I will sew the hoodie of your choice for the first person to email me at That's £14 + £1 P&P UK or £14 + £3 rest of the world. If you have a one or two year old, know a one or two year old, plan to have a one to two year old in future or if you just want to hang it on your wall, get in there quick because I will only have time to make it tomorrow before Jamie is off nursery for nineteen days *dies a little bit*. It's a pattern suitable for boys or girls:

Just a small selection of fabric bonanza choices are here.

EDIT: To the speedy @thatkat goes the spoils!


  1. damn it. You people in the future kill me.

  2. *whines*
    No fair!!!!
    I was out doing good in the community by visiting a house-bound 94 year old, and so I missed your post.
    I hope you feel really guilty.


  3. I love that boy hoodie! wish I found it earlier this week :)