Saturday, 20 March 2010


A whole lot of Random

  • Here is Anna super-modelling her coat, which she loved. And she wore it home, which made me very happy.

  • I pinky swear that this photo isn't staged. This is where Steven put our bills yesterday. That's our frying pan:

  • This week, I walked to the shop with a fox for the third time in as many months.
  • Yesterday we had a coffee morning at the nursery and one of the other mums has a newborn baby. When she started nursing him, Maia turned to me and said, 'This is so exciting.'
  • Oh, and Cool Girls? See the date? It's skirt due day! There's a lot of finished skirts in the Flickr pool but I'll not start blogging about everyone's skirts until tomorrow. Because if everyone else is just a tiny bit like me, there will still be some last minute Top Secret sewing.


  1. Steven has the right idea about those bills... And Maia, bless her. What a cutie!

  2. I have given up on the skirt, sorry just under too mych pressure at the moment. But I will love seeing what everyone else does. Oh and that coat is making me very happy

  3. It seems like Steven also suffers from the disease that afflicts Eric: FAHS (First Available Horizontal Surface). Much like color blindness, it affects mostly men but no one is immune.

  4. I'm obvious not a cool girl anymore as I've drafted but not got any fabric yet (it's on it's way, along with zips. Many zips!)

    Hopefully it'll arrive during the week and I can do some sewing next weekend.

  5. Oh, boo. I'm going to have to give up trying to be cool, as my copy of The Book has mysteriously gone missing. I've been turing my house upside down for the past week and a bit, but no joy, and therefore no cool. Props to all those who made it, though - the skirts look great!