Monday, 8 March 2010


This is what happens when you let your kids stay up very late dancing, blowing bubbles and eating cupcakes

We had a family wedding on Saturday and narry a babysitter in sight. 'Let's bring the kids for a little while...,' we mused, 'What's the worst that could happen?'

Warning: deranged eyes

I haz: new dress, bad hair, messy kitchen and sad eyes

Jamie haz: lotsa bubbles

Hilarity of bubbles directly proportional to proximity to midnight

Must. Have. Them.

Finally. But I am only going to eat the frosting.

I am going to eat this one in 18 seconds and then pester you for 3 hours for another.

If you ever need proof that the combination of over-stimulation, fatigue and sugar truly does make a child demented, please reference this photo diary of Maia. If you scroll down very quickly, it's like a flip book of someone losing their sh*t.

Look, I am a very nice girl.

Yes, that is a sparkle you see in my eye.

Okay, I am a little bit cheeky.

My sanity is now dangling by a thread.

I am feeling rabid.

WTF, girl, you stole my moves.

Exeunt: Mum, Jamie and Maia.


  1. Ha! They look COMPLETELY wired. Have they slept since?!

    You, however, look fabulous...

  2. they look totally high on all that sugar and excitement! I hope they slept well for you! you look gorgeous, by the way, love that dress.

  3. looks like fun...for the kidz ;)

    you look beautiful...LOVE your dress

  4. Hahaha that last picture of Maia is hilarious!

  5. Gorgeous dress.

    they do look kind of wired. Hope they slept late the next day!

  6. Your kids are adorable. Looks like they had a blast! (and you, too) :)

  7. I think I need some of those cupcakes.

  8. In the first few pictures I can almost hear the giggling.

  9. what a fabulous time they had though - bless 'em!
    last wedding we took the boy to it was the grown-ups who wanted to go home - he'd have partied on till the early hours!