Saturday, 6 March 2010


I am the Queen of Sheba

No longer content with merely languishing in my bed with my lions, I've moved on to new levels of jamminess: opening presents in my bed. I know, huh? This tonsilitis is working out real well for me. I am, of course, talking about the Alice and Wonderland craft swap that I signed up for on Meridian Ariel's blog. My lovely swap partner, Megan from maximum RABBITdesigns, sent me the most amazing package:

I didn't open it right away because my illness has made me 450% more selfish than before the kids were around and it said FRAGILE . Plus, just look at the package. Megan had stamped buttons all over it and they were so pretty I almost couldn't open it.

And then when I did open it (carefully preserving the button stamps), more lovely packaging with little goodies wrapped in pattern paper.

Oooo, spots. I like spots! Hold on, let's turn it over... Just look at this embroidery. Go have a lie down. Meet me back here in 15.

So amazing, right? I can't even begin to imagine how hard this was to make (not to mention time consuming), but I'm probably going to bring it to a tattooist and have it immortalised on my body.

And more. This cute jar has an pincushion top that says Eat Me. And has loads of treats inside.

I got some Alice-themed buttons too.

And as if I wasn't spoiled enough already, not only did I get these sweet little puppets / bookmarks but it came with a kit to make a dozen more.

You should definitely go over to Megan's blog to appreciate her talent. And also to the Alice and Wonderland swap Flickr group to see her pictures, seeing as they were not taken in a sick den they are much, much better than mine. Thank you so much Megan, yours will be in the post on Monday. I pinky swear.


  1. Vv is awesome isn't she? that embroidery/cross stitch is fantastic.. and the pin cushion too! i hope it helped you on your way to recovery...

    and if not i prescribe lots of trashy tv.. watch Glee if you havne't already because its awesome... CSI: NY and Criminal Minds... oh and Pacy on thingy whatsit Fringe now that it is back on.

  2. awww *blushes* i'm so glad you liked it all and no pressure to get mine sent,i've had the tonsil trouble before - seriously awful. Get well soon x

  3. ooooh I saw this on Megan's blog- you lucky lady!! x x

  4. oh you lucky thing! I could almost wish I was ill...

  5. oh wow! That is such a wonderful package!

  6. Hey, when you do get it tattooed, make sure you have it at a place where you can flex and show off big time :)
    Megan does such amazing swap packages. Seriously!