Sunday, 21 March 2010


Paisley cord skirts

The Great Big Cool Girl Skirt-a-thon is drawing to a close and I have another two for sharing. In the last two weeks I've made more skirts than I've worn in five years, which is either silly, or very silly.

The first skirt is a Robert Kaufman stretch cord in blues and black.

Here's a close-up of the fabric so you can admire the pretty.

Do you like how I'm pretending it's summer? And that I don't live in Scotland?

The second skirt is also a stretch cord in a paisley print, and the only vintage fabric I have in my stash. I've only used it once before to make The Ugly Coat.

Please don't be sad, but you're only getting one side shot today... The skirts are the same so use your imagination for the other one. They have side zippers (non-invisible) and are bound with ribbon on the waistband.

The Flickr pool is filling up with lovely skirts which I will round up and blog about soon. I also know about a lot of your creations because you're in my reader, but pretty please can people post their links so that I can collect them?


  1. Love those last 2 skirts. Really nice. Sorry but I completely failed with the sewalong. Got the book but didn't get past the measuring stage due to serious vomiting bug (me and both kids!) It wasn't pretty!! Maybe next time I can be a cool girl?! x

  2. Those 2 skirts could not be more fabulous - fabrics and fit are stunning! I want some stretch cord now, but I live in the armpit of America (Mobile, AL - check a map) and thus would die of heat stroke.

  3. the second skirt looks more you somehow.. not that I know your syle in person but it looks more wearable everyday sort of fashion ?? I know what I mean if nobody else does!

  4. Very perdy. Love Robert Kaufman.

    I'm resting on the fact that any subsequent skirts I make HAVE to be better than my first attempt, so when all these annoying birthdays and nagging husbands are finished with I will try again...

  5. I really like that paisley for the skirt. No hideous 70's flashbacks or anything;) Beautiful skirts! I guess you know what I will probably beg you to teach me when you are visiting next.

  6. I love them both but I extra, super-duper, major love the 2nd one. You should wear it to celebrate the first day it cracks 80 in Scotland.

    Did you want the links here? I posted it in flikr, too. Here is mine for the final.

  7. Beautiful!! Love them both and the ribbon finish is very nice!

    My skirt is in the pool, but here is the blog post -

  8. I like them both, they're equally as cool. You're actually making me believe that it IS summer, they're that cool.
    I've blogged twice about my skirt, here:
    and here:

  9. Hi, I gave you an award you probably have received before, but just to let you know I love your blog!

  10. Nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Hopefully it will speak to the big one in the sky to shine over Scotland so you can wear your beautiful skirts.