Thursday, 4 March 2010


Life goes on (for some more than others)

I'm pleased to announce I am no longer dying. At least not of of tonsilitis. I still have six (or more) secretive but possibly fatal diseases that have been ongoing for some time now. As far as the tonsilitis goes, though, I am now merely languishing. Something like a pre-Raphaelite Sleeping Beauty:

Now, what's the most important message from Sleeping Beauty? To wait around for our prince to save us? That step-moms are evil? No. That when she goes into her pretty slumber, her elves still work. Me too. While I've been going into my pretty slumber (20 hours each day on Monday and Tuesday), my elves have been working too, testing patterns.

Eileen from Food of Love tested my leggings pattern for her little girl and I got a feedback grandslam: a super cute video of her daughter running and bouncing around in her new leggings. I am not lying. But I just can't show you, Blogger hates me for being a Cool Girl and has said it will no longer be my b*tch and let me upload pictures and stuff. Just imagine the squee of a fourteen month old running around wearing those polka dots. And we should all applaud Eileen in a completely non-patronising way because this was the first project she has ever completed by herself.

Technically speaking, Emily tested the cowl neck top before I was seriously ill, but I was still most likely secretly ill so I'm counting it. Don't get pedantic on me, I'm not well.

I think it came out really lovely and honestly, the feedback I got from Emily should be sealed in the Vatican archives and Dan Brown should write a revised Angels and Demons where Tom Hanks has to find Emily's feedback to save the world and stop priests dying. It was that good. You should probably go read her blog post about testing this pattern and Creme Eggs.

I'm feeling pretty blessed that all these other people are doing work for me while I languish and wait for kisses.


  1. phew! i'm glad you're not dead - i was a little bit worried.
    cute clothes - i wish i had some elves!

  2. Yay! I'm glad you're alive! I blogged the leggings btw:

  3. I'm an elf? It does explain why trousers in shops are always too long for me...
    I *love* doing feedback :)

  4. Not dead eh? Got my fabric today so will pencil in some stitching time this weekend. I have a pattern which needs testing if your interested...

  5. Oh fuckety fuck, please delete my last comment - I have incorrectly typed your instead of you're which is like one of my pet peeves. That's how worried I was about your health, I forgot myself. Anyway, please delete it. Please.

  6. so glad kat didn't type an incorrect "it's"