Saturday, 13 March 2010


Strappy slouch bag pattern giveaway

I have tonsilitis again, a mere six days after finishing my antibiotics from the last time. I did not eat a kitten sandwich, or kill the Last Unicorn, so I'm not sure why karma being such and a***hole. But having tonsilitis again reminded me: when I was on my deathbed my friend Lynn sent me feedback on my first handbag pattern so it's good to go. And a giveaway should definitely give me some good karma and make my throat feel 640% better immediately.

As this is a pdf pattern, I was able to use an American tester this time and I could not resist using my friend Lynn, mostly because she wouldn't stop bombarding me from every cyber media at her disposal. We also had some sinister phone calls around this time, which were probably Lynn too. So here's the lovely bag that Lynn made for her grandma, who loved it but refused to be a supermodel.

She left off the straps on the base because it was so-very-interfaced but here's a reminder of what it looks like with the full gamut of straps:

It's closed with a zipper, has an internal zipper pocket, a flat bottomed separate base, it comes in two different sizes and you can make your strap adjustable to wear it across your body or just on a shoulder. And, for the very first time for a Kitschy Coo pattern, it's a PDF so you don't have to wait for the postman who may or may not be a thief.

There's only one problem: it doesn't have a name yet. So to enter this giveaway, leave a comment on this post with a suggestion for a name. If I end up using the name you suggested, you're the winner. If I don't chose from any of your (admittedly awesome) suggestions, I'll choose the winner randomly. I'll announce who gets the pattern on Monday, and as usual you can have multiple entries if you re-tweet, blog, Facebook or other cyber tomfoolery. Just remember to come on back and re-comment because I won't be able to keep track, especially as I am on my deathbed again.


  1. I wish I was talented and able to even sew a button on. But I can't. I'm all fingers and thumbs.

    CJ xx

  2. Hmmmmm, let me think!..... What about the 'Strapped for cash' bag.... Coz it has lots of straps and you keep your purse with cash in it!..Geddit! or
    'Strapped for time' or.....
    'Strapped for life' bag ...Oh i like that one! Yes that one works great i think!
    Pic me! pic me!
    x K

  3. Does it say something telling about me that the first name that sprang to mind was "The Bondage Bag?"

    If you're not that kind of girl then I will keep thinking...

  4. Ummm... Strap Throat?
    (with apologies to the pun fairies)

    love Moxie xxx

  5. Ps hope you feel better soon xxx

  6. How about the Intercontinental Slouch Bag? Because it was designed in Scotland and tested in the US, see? And it's small enough to be a personal item but big enough inside to have all the stuff you need on some long international flight.

    Ok, that's dumb. I just wanted to comment and say I'm sorry you're sick again. And sorry for pestering you about the bag, but grandma loves it.

    And no wonder you like my skirt fabric. I forgot you used it for this bag :)

  7. More importantly than bondage - forgot to say hope you feel better soon...

    And I've just realised that I kinda like "strappy slouch bag" - does what it says on the tin, no?

  8. How about the Utterly Awesome, big enough bag? Most bags I find are too damn small - once you have a filofax, phone, purse and phone there's no way to fit a book in too - and that looks big enough for more than one hardback.

    Hope the throat recovers soon.

  9. The first thing that popped in my head was "The Mag Bag" for some reason I envision carring magazines around it in. It's been a long day, don't judge.

  10. How about "Carry all bag". or maybe you could give it an actual girls name. Like the "Amanda Bag"

  11. I'm thinking that Ikea are a successful brand and they call their stuff things like 'fred' and 'barnsvlig'. So in this spirit I name your bag 'kitschstrap'...

  12. Ladies Stap Essential?

    Loving those bags lovely! :D

  13. I'm so sorry I didn't announce the winner earlier as promised. I just couldn't decide. But my hand was forced when I sent other patterns to the printers today and I'm pleased to deem Munora the winner for suggesting that I give it a name. It's The Maia Strappy Slouch!