Monday, 29 March 2010


Pink manga girls tunic. Wait... pink?

Those of you who have memorised my fabric closet might be thinking, 'Wait a minute, I thought she has every Thunderflower colourway except pink...'. How very observant of you (if not a little bit obsessed). I have red. I have blue. I don't have pink. But Kirsty does! And she sent me some to make her daughter a tunic.

The poor mite has chickenpox. Might a manga tunic cheer her up? I hope so. If not, Kirsty also sent me The Most Fabulous Fabric in the World *TM to make her a hoodie as well. Better start taking your meds so you can cope with the awesomeness, you will not even be able to stand it. Watch this space.


  1. Very nice! I've yet to complete the blue one. I have not figured out just when i am meant to sew. I'm not ready to sacrifice the very minimal broken sleep I've been getting. We've got to talk, Isla NEEDS a manga hoody.

  2. I showed her the picture and she smiled, clapped her hands and shouted "pink". It looks fab.

  3. That's beautiful.

    I got that pattern from you a couple of weeks ago - thanks :-) - and have just ordered a couple of metres of fabric to make two for my daughter.

  4. you are very tallented love your work.
    Jayne x