Sunday, 14 March 2010


If at first you go 'meh', try try again

Here's version two of my sewalong skirt. This one is made from black moleskin with a tiny bit of stretch. It looks like a mix between velvet, babycord and heaven. I made a proper, non-hashed zipper for this one.

As far as changes to the pattern, I basically did just what KID suggested: I widened the darts in the back 1/4" each, and shaved all four side seams (just at the waist) by 1/4" each. So, math wizzes, a total of once and a half inches smaller at the waist. And, (as I'm sure you've noticed) this one is a bit hootchy shorter.

Here's a boot shot for people interested in footwear. Yes, you, Pickled Weasal and Bron.

And for the people who like nice finishes, here's me wearing it inside out so you can see the gingham ribbon facing at the waist and the hem.

Anyone have any fitting comments before this becomes my block?


  1. Cute. You can never have too many of those skirts, don't you think? Love your shoes by the way.

  2. Awesome!! And hey - those darts give you a bum. Nice! LOVE the length and the boots.

  3. Wow - nice one. Not 'meh' at ALL. mmmmm moleskin. :)

  4. LOVE IT!

    Am gonna do exactly the same refit for mine.

    Thanks for the level darts tip!

    x K

  5. Ha ha! Thanks for the footwear concession - BUT, i'm totally right, amm't I? The boots make it rad. Well, the boots *plus* all the work you did on the pattern and the nice finish inside.

    I'd probably add an inch to the length, but that's me - you rock the short beautifully. Nice work :)

  6. Looks fabulous! You look fabulous! And wow, that ribbon finish looks fabulous too.

  7. Footwear changes mid-photoshoot FTW!!!1!
    This one fits so much better.

  8. Your skirt looks great! I just got this book and can't wait to give the skirt a try after seeing how great yours looks.

  9. I love it. You could dress it up or down.Nice work.

  10. lovely.. and I may not talk to you anymore for being so trim and fit. and it definitly looks better with the boots.