Sunday 28 March 2010


The perils of online fabric shopping

Has anyone ever bought fleece online only to find when it arrives that it's actually weirdo fleece? Those of you unlucky enough to suffer this fate will know what I'm talking about, but for the rest I will explain what weirdo fleece is. It has a a thicker pile almost like fake fur but still stretches. It unravels if you so much as look as it (which is the opposite of non-weirdo fleece), even after you have sewn it. The only way to find the secret pins you used to hold it together is to scrunch with your hands and wait to be stabbed.

This is what it looks like to cut:

This is what it does to your trousers:

This is what it does to your respiratory system:

Basically, it is made in the Devil's workshop by pulling feathers through pantyhose. And most likely possessed because I tripped on the sewing machine cable and almost fell over died.

My friend Cathy is due a baby very shortly and she asked me if I could recover her Boppy pillow. 'Sure, no problem!' I said. Who knew how hard I would find this? (For, the record, these people). First attempt with non-weirdo fleece and a zipper, and the zipper was too bobbly. Second attempt with jersey and an envelope closure, the envelope was too far to the centre to get on easily. Third attempt with weirdo fleece and an envelope, just right. But the fabric made me so nervous about demonic possession that I was compelled to make a back up:

Anyone else got a spooky tale of weirdo fleece? Or other unexpected online fabric surprises?


  1. I will be keeping an eye out for this deadly fleece

  2. Your post made me laugh!

    I haven't used much fleece up to now but thanks for the warning :)

  3. love the medical illustration there!!!
    that wolf suit i made though not made of deadly fleece was made of nervous breakdown fur fabric which very nearly reduced me to tears.

  4. Who knows what this dangerous fleece could do to unborn babies? You've got to think of the children and just say no!

  5. I have used weirdo fleece to make a blanket, looked fantastic but I was worried that I would never get rid of the bits that invaded every corner of my home!

  6. Sorry to find amusement in your nightmare with weirdo fleece but this post made me laugh so much that my husband kept looking over at me saying "what?" with increasing irritation while I read it.

    A very wise post too though! I'll keep an eye out for the devil's fleece, online and elsewhere. Hope your friend loves her pillow (and understands your pain at making at!) xox
    PS I'd love to see a tutorial on how you did your v funny medical illustration :o)

  7. I THOUGHT that I understand the difficulty you went through, Amanda, making this for me. But now, I am afraid for your life and that of your children as well as the safety of my own family once I take possession (and yes, this is a pun) of the pillow made from weirdo fleece.

    Your post made me laugh so much I thought my water would break and many of the comments too.....No such luck.

    Thank you, I can't wait to poison us all and have the house filled with demonic fluff. I mean, enjoy my beautiful freshly covered pillow.

    And for niftyknits it is Boppy rather than Boppo.

  8. I think it's minky? I've had that exact blue polka dot stuff (and it's pink cousin) so I know exactly what you mean!