Monday, 15 March 2010


Colour block skirt

I promise I'm not going to rename this blog 'A skirt a day'. But I have one more that I finished last night.

For this one I used three different fabrics to make a stripe effect. The top is turquoise twill, the middle is white canvas, and the bottom is purple twill.

See how the top is a bit flimsy and lacks structure? I made a mistake in that the turquoise is the least structured of the three so it should not be at the top. And this one sits lower on the waist than my black one, probably because when I was ironing the ribbon facing into place the iron melted the ribbon into smithereens and I had to lose some of the trashed fabric.

I think I'm going to add a waistband out of a more structured fabric so it sits more on my natural waist and looks more stable. But I'm not sure if it should be the purple twill from the bottom or a pink twill... any thoughts?


  1. every girls needs a bit of pink in their lives

  2. that is sweeet! I'd use purple twill to keep the whole thing in it's ocean color scheme...

  3. My first thought is "OMG, she's made three already while I haven't yet made one!"

  4. I'm waffling. I love pink, but I think keeping to the color scheme and using the purple might be better. But I love pink!

    Adorable skirt, either way!

  5. That's mod-ilicious - and lady you have some nice legs so YES to more skirts methinks. Nice boots too. Oh gush gush gush you know I love you.

  6. My head says purple and my heart says pink. I think it has to be pink.

  7. sweet! I like how you show both choices of footwear. And the boots, yes, they balance the shortness of the skirt perfectly!
    perhaps this week I will get the book...

  8. Oooooooh I love it!
    Girl do you NEVER sleep!
    I say pink.
    x K

  9. Very cute skirt! I vote for orange. Quite jealous of your rapidly growing, original wardrobe.