Tuesday, 16 March 2010


The Decoupagerie

When I was checking out Skip's Sew-along skirt yesterday, I noticed some lovely artwork in the background that looked like she made it. It's one of my great disappointments in life that I am not 'artistic'. I have lots of images in my head of things that I would like to make, but I don't have the ability to translate the ideas into reality being technical rather than artistic. But, I am rather handy with a craft knife, so I wanted to show you some decoupage I did when we first moved in to decorate out house.

This is the wedding wall in our bedroom. I painted square canvasses in different shades, painstakingly cut out some of our wedding pictures, and glued them to the canvasess.

This is our trip wall over our bed. I blew up and cut out some of pictures I had taken of landmarks when we've been on holiday. Sadly, there has been no new pictures (or new venues) since Maia has been born.

Being a narcissist, I also did a long wedding mural. This one is my favourite.

You might have seen in the background of any of the pictures I've taken in Jamie's room, but his room is a bit crazy. We moved here when I was pregnant with Maia and I was Nesting in a Major Way so I started painting his room in a farm theme. I'm a bit of a dork about when cities / towns decorate fiberglass animals so there are about thirty sheep I cut out from when we visited Pittsfield, MA's Sheep Parade and a spattering of cows from Edinburgh's Cow Parade. Including this one where a baby Jamie is riding the cow in the Botanic Gardens.

This is the duck pond, with a frog clock we picked up in Florence. You can see a little bit at the bottom, that before I spliced heads all over the place on Photoshop, I physically spliced heads with glue. That's Steven's brother and his girlfriend going fishing at the duck pond.

Here's the vegetable patch with a lot of vegetables that Jamie will never eat.

I think I'm pretty much the funniest person alive for making Steven into a scarecrow.

And here's Steven's mum picking apples in the orchard.

And my mom, baling some hay.

And my dad, riding a tractor.

One of the reasons that I decided to go batsh*t crazy in Jamie's room (other than my pregnancy hormones) was because we only get to see my family a couple of times a year and I wanted the kids to be able to see them all the time so we could talk about them and they would know that they are always a part of our lives. Much to my discredit, I stopped working on the murals when Maia was born so there are a lot of family members still missing. I'm thinking that I should set aside some time soon to get it finished.


  1. Who says you are not artistic? Love the idea of having your family round all the time.

  2. stunning! and with your photoshop skills you can always reuse them and introduce jonny dep (or hunk of your choice) into wedding pics if necessary.

  3. You know I was actually completely in awe of Jamie's room from the very first time I saw it. You shouldn't be so down on your talents!

  4. I love your creative twist on family pictures. We don't see our family much either and I was just going to do a boring old album for Rylee.

  5. Awesome. I bet the kids love it.

    Paintings weren't done by me - all Husby's work, he's a tortured soul of an artist you see... ;)

  6. What an amazing idea. I was thinking how sad it is that Piran can't see my family all the time, I am going to have to do something like this in his room. Can I ask how you stuck the pictures up? Are they just on normal photographic paper?