Wednesday 31 March 2010


Are you there, God? It's me, Amanda. Again.

You might remember that I put in a Request for Change to the human anatomy a couple of months ago with regard to the positioning of our arms. I'm disappointed that you haven't done anything about this yet. Let me tell you a bit about how I roll. Every time that I make an amendment to a work-in-progress pattern I give it a new reference number and annotate it so that I can track all the changes I make. Look at this:

It says: Hoodie Sleeve Version Infinity (+2). This means I have been drafting and redrafting this particular armhole infinity times. And then twice more. Tweaking this armhole has become my full-time job. If you don't make this change pronto, I'm not going to have time to blog here anymore. Thank heavens I've started a micro-blog:

Yes, I know you probably don't like the f-word much but this is what all the cool kids do on Tumblr where it's all F-yeah this and Hell-no that. And I know that to be grammatically correct it should have a comma because without one it's much more confusing as a concept. So here you go, I've drawn one in:

That's pretty much my mantra. I just wrote my first post last night:

That is actually true. But see what I did there? It's a pun on ADIDAS, but about armholes! In the sewing world, this sort of thing is hilarious.


  1. I'm glad it isn't All Day I Dream About ArmPITS :D

    Sorry to hear that your Anatomy change request has been rejected. But what's new?

  2. You are totally bonkers lady and I enjoy a good drop into your blog!

  3. I'm on my second day of sewing. yesterday the first thing to happen was the sewing machine snapped off the needle on STITCH 1 and spat it at me. I really should have stopped right there.

  4. Armholes are some sort of sewing voodoo. I never trust anyone who gets them right first time.