Friday 22 October 2010


In the spirit of Blue Peter, here's one I made earlier

Once upon a time, Maxine from Tiny White Daisies sent me a mystery parcel from Holland...

When Maxine read about my travails of finding pants that fit Maia's 'gracious plenty' she sent me a five-pack of Dutch briefs. Who knew... Holland is the land of bigger bummed babes! Alas, Maxine is keeping her cards close to her chest when it comes to objects of her affection, so I couldn't make her an inappropriately sexual journal. More fool her, I say. But I could make her a tasteful makeup bag:

Again. Sigh. WHY am I always making makeup mags for the preternaturally beautiful? You'll have to pull some serious internet shenanigans to confirm this, but there's a 96% chance that Maxine has donated her makeup bag to Dutch Oxfaam. Does. Not. Need. Makeup. Needs. Virgin. Milk. And. Witchcraft.

Unfortunately, said defunct-make-up-bag took ten million days to arrive in the Netherlands, so I could only share it now. But doesn't it make it look like I've sewn in the last week? Three more days til half-term is over!

NB. I'm loving this 'I'll send you a mystery, you send me one back' malarkey. I promise, if anyone sends me something I'll craft you back!


  1. That's an interesting offer! What's your favourite colour then?:)

  2. Haha! Hmm... I'm not sure I have a favourite colour but most jewel tones do it for me!

  3. Hmmm...maybe I'll have to make my semi-formed-funny-Amanda-gift-idea thought into a real thing.

  4. oh, now I want to participate. But I have to make Halloween costumes right now... maybe I can send you something for Solstice...what does Amanda need? other than tall, muscular blond vampires with sexy accents.

    It's funny thought cause Scottish accents do it for me. I could never visit Scotland cause I'd probably implode in the airport alone. Now I'm rambling.

  5. OOh, how could you think I'd give it away? It is being very lovely and useful right now, holding all my half finished crochet hexagons in my bag!!!