Friday, 29 October 2010


Super Maia, Scourge of the Universe

super maia full

Although technically I should have had an additional two sleeps to complete Halloween costumes, Maia's nursery party was this morning so I had to rush, rush, rush to get this done. Did I mention that the silver foil lycra only arrived yesterday afternoon? Before you scroll down, take a moment to appreciate the majesty of the Buddha belly.

super maia fly 5

If Satan ran a haberdashery shop, all of these fabrics would be on special offer because not even the Devil himself would like to sew with them. The silver foil was at least sturdy, but it came wrapped with paper between every fold because it sticks to itself, and pins leave permanent puncture marks.

super maia full 3

The pink silk touch lycra feels beautiful and has such a lovely drape but is so slinky and stretchy it's less stable than my mental health. And that's saying something.

super maia close

The mask is backed with felt, stitched close to the edge and trimmed. There was nothing else I could do with that pesky lycra.

super maia fly 3

The 'M' to the chest it's tightly zig-zagged with lime green stitching because I didn't have any pink thread for extra pop.

super maia full 2

She was ten times ecstatic to be wearing it on the school run and told countless random people variations of 'I am Super Maia. I am here to save the day. I have so much work to do. There's somebody in trouble.' And our childminder almost died laughing at her 'toddler fetish wear'. My work here is done.


  1. Just brilliant, she looks Super-Maia-fantastic!!!!

  2. Oh.



    That is awesome! Well done for both coping with Satan's Haberdashery and for making your little girl so plainly pleased with herself and her amazing costume.

  3. Awesome, Amanda you are a constant source of inspiration and I want to be just like you when I grow up. xx

  4. Brilliant brilliant brilliant!! Can I be adopted please??? And no more smart comments - snorting at one's desk is most unseemly!

  5. I LOVE this costume, if she came to my house trick or treating I would shower her with chocolate buttons - she looks amazing!

  6. You've excelled yourself again I see!! This costume is to die for Holly would love one, so would Maxi actually come to think of it!!!!

    Just to let you know that I've not yet received the pattern to try out the top for you in a 6-7? Not sure if you've posted it or not?

  7. fabulously amazing! I feel doubly ashamed to have *bought* Kathryn's cheap and tacky ghost costume now, not that she cares ("Wooo, I'm a ghost!"), but I do!

  8. It's amazing! My little girl would be soooo excited to wear this!

  9. Oh! I forgot to comment that I haven't either received the patern of the top I have to test.

  10. Holy freaking awesome!!!!

    OK, you win. I think you managed to outdo the skeletons. But what is Jamie wearing?

  11. I love it that your slightly distorted reflection is visible in the almighty buddha belly :)
    Awesome costume.

  12. Count me as someone else who also died laughing. At the costume. At the stance. At the speech. At the belly. Take your pick.

  13. She looks amazing! Well done mama!

  14. OMG I love it! I hope you saved some of that silver fabric cos I bet she'll have you making her silver hotpants in a few years! And she got to wear those super-cute shoes again I spy. *jealous*

  15. Super cool, dude.

    That belly is also damn fine.

    Thanks for the link to the tight/legging things. Gotta get me some of thems.

  16. Your reflection in her belly is the best bit! You are a you now that!?
    I still have to make our costumes, (or a good excuse)...only one more sleep...

  17. She looks amazing. Very cute and very ready to save the world too!

  18. stunning, as always. blogger in its infinite wisdom is trying to make me link to a completely unrelated post, so if I've not suceeded in removing the link, please forgive me.