Tuesday 19 October 2010


The Thrill-fest continues: Games for half term

This is a follow-up to my post of games to play over the summer holidays. Our ingenuity knows no bounds.

Paper, paper everywhere
Requirements: paper, markers, scissors, blue tac, persistence
Object of the game: colour like your life depends on it, cut all your drawings into confetti, stick confetti to All The Things:
Who is the winner: The manufacturers of Blue Tac, Dyson

Where in God's name is it?
Requirements: A supernaturally large spider, a house with lots of places to hide
Object of the game: Find the spider before it kills the family
Who is the winner: The blissfully unaware. Pharmaceutical companies. The spider.

Clipe (a Scottish word meaning tattle-tale or snitch)
Requirements: other people behaving anti-socially, a sense of injustice
Object of the game: Go somewhere where a lot of people are likely to be behaving like psychopaths (ie soft play). Every time someone pushes you, bumps you, looks at you sideways, or doesn't take turns go and tell your mum.
Who is the winner: The person with the biggest Injustice Complex.

What colour is this animal's pubic hair?
Requirements: pictures of animals, markers, attention to detail
Object of the game: Self explanatory.
Who is the winner: I'm not sure. Probably no one.

Poop Bingo
Requirements: A high fibre diet
Object of the game: Draw up a bingo card of all the places you will go over half-term. Every time you need to poop while you are at one of these places, place a mark in the square.

Who is the winner: First person to make a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line wins.
Bonus round: Fill your entire bingo card.


  1. loving the poop bingo! although not a school yet i'm sure my little girl could win it easily! (and stinkily too!)
    Mine also have a 'who can use the most sticky tape in one go' game. all i can say is hooray for poundland stickly tape!

  2. dont forget such past times as

    'Hey Lets Rub Play-Doh In The Carpet'

    or try

    'Lets All Snort Glitter Dust'

    and the special offer of

    'Glue ALL the Things'

    but thats not all... order all these fun halfterm activities and you will also get...

    '2, 3, 4, 5, 6 o'clock Wakeup Call'

    and the all time favourite...

    'Lets Hide in the Shops and Make Mummy's Heart Stop'


  3. As I have a 2 and a half year old, my whole life feels like half term.

    Currently Munchkin is playing 'Hide mommy's birthday book token and then deny all knowledge of its existence'.

    We don't play poop bingo, we play 'Bladder of Steel'. It requires refusing to go for a wee until absolutely physically necessary.

  4. looking forwards to my own half term game - stripping off and covering self with fabric pen. Bonus points for getting it on clothing as well. Also bonus points for using half fabric pens (come off skin easily using a baby wipe) and regular pound shop felt tips (which don't come off at all no matter how much you scrub with soap). More bonus points for doing it just before meeting granny or friends with clean tidy children rather than ones with pen scribbles all over face, hands and arms (and rest of body but they're hidden by hastily reapplied clothing).

    I swear, the day she turns 18 she'll be getting tattoos...

  5. Oh, I laughed out loud several times! Did the cat just come from a Brazilian bikini wax? (I don't know about these things, but my neighbor told me all about hers.) I babysat for one toddler who played "Hide Mommy's Makeup Before the Big Party." The poor woman had to go buy all new makeup on the way to the party, then later the little girl presented me with an eyeliner while I was getting her bath ready. I followed her back to the couch, under which she had stashed everything.