Wednesday, 27 October 2010


You all want me to sew a chicken carcass. I won't.

Last week when I was fabric shopping for Halloween costume purposes, I noticed something completely new in my local Mandor's: a table full of leather pelts. I was drawn to the lovely colours and butter soft texture, but the thought of buying actual leather had me a bit flummoxed. Naturally, I brought my ethical quandry over to my Facebook Fan Page and Twitter and we had a really interesting debate. Most people said, 'If you eat meat, then using the by-products in the form of wearing / sewing leather makes sense.' I'm liking the sentiments, guys, but I don't actually eat beef. Can you get poultry skin for crafting purposes? Do not even send me links. Do Not Want.

I went back today, and unfortunately the petrol blue skin I had my heart set on had sold in the intervening week. There was still so much to choose from and in the end I chose cherry red. Speaking to the shop assistant, I found out a bit more about how they came into stock. The esteemed Liberty of London have recently ceased manufacturing handbags and accessories and sold off their remaining leather pieces. Mandor's got their hands of a fair amount, but they were selling very well and once gone, they're gone. And what does Amanda do when confronted by the terror of other people buying the last of something she wants? That's right. She panic-bulk-buys:

This piece verges right on the edge of very dark chocolate brown and grey black. I almost bought a turquoise suede. I almost bought an antiqued fuschia. But that would have been truly insane.

So, what would you do with two large leather skins?


  1. Handbags! I love making handbags!#

    Or belts! You could make belts!

  2. Handbags, handbags, handbags. Your pattern would be so cute in a nice, buttery leather.

  3. I end up in Mandors weekly, always on work time and I HAVE to drag myself past all the leathers because I know that if I start looking, i'll be hours and Vonnie will send out a search party fearing i've been abducted by a competitor :p

    Jenny x

  4. Oh, they're gorgeous!

    If the pelts are big enough, I say a leather jacket. Or yes, handbags, belts and ooh, gloves. Elbow length cherry red leather gloves: be still my heart.

  5. Handbags, or footwear. Or belts... or well, suspect the limit is only your imagination. Sounds lovely

  6. They are very beautiful...I have seen bags that the bottom half is leather, they seem very practical.