Sunday, 31 October 2010


Second verse, same as the first, but a little bit camper and a little bit worse.

super jamie 001

I'm afraid I will not be surprising you with the second of my Halloween costumes. Unless you're surprised by extreme camp-ness, in which case you'll be shocked.

super jamie 007

There is not a child on this Earth that was more pleased with his costume. He lent it more gravitas than it deserved.

super jamie 024

Being a Superhero is some serious business.

super jamie 016

The kids both wore their costumes to soft play this morning and I have it on good authority that their costumes inspired awe and friendship.

super jamie 009

I know you've seen enough pictures of Maia rocking her costume to last you a lifetime, but I defy you not to LOL at this. The brief was 'look tough'.

super jamie 003

It kills me. But not as much as this one.

super jamie 035

Just. Look. At. That. Sassy. Pose.

/bookmark for teenage years.


  1. I feel like the universe really is safer with those two on the case.

  2. Priceless costumes, priceless kids, priceless posing... lol

  3. I want one of those costumes, so that I can pose like that! Beautiful children. x

  4. This must show up at her wedding rehearsal dinner in a slide show. How awesome are those costumes?

  5. WOW! how cool are they! my kids would be so jelous if they saw them!