Monday, 1 November 2010


If I was at school I'd get a A+ for effort and a C- for execution

Oh, joyous pumpkin carving time. When kids squick out about pumpkin guts, go to soft play with their Dad and leave me in blessed peace to get my geek on. Everyone chose a design relevant to their interests...

Jamie's classic pumpkin face

Maia's more genteel cat

My Eric from True Blood. Obviously. Maybe. Bad photo.


  1. Those are all great, love the classic style one though it's a bit scary.

  2. You really are one crazy lady (meant in the nicest possible way), I now must go and delete my blog post in pure shame of my piss poor pumkin efforts.....

  3. far more impressive than ours! but then the kids designed the ones we did (honest!)

  4. Pretty impressive ... won't be showing them to my son though for fear that he wants something equally elaborate.

  5. Exceptional pumpkins - mine was awfully wobbly!

    CJ xx

  6. Ummm, is it just me, or does Eric look a bit like Mr Burns from The Simpsons?
    You're ten squillion times better than me though, I didn't even buy a pumpkin, let alone carve one :)

  7. I miss Eric, maybe I should have carved myself an Eric pumpkin to lessen the pain...

  8. I totally failed pumpkin to jack'o'lantern execution this year. Actually I finished one of three planned carvings...

    Then, during the carving stage of pumpkin #2, my exacto knife slipped from the gourd and resulted in a stab wound to my foot. Sitting on the floor to carve was apparently a mistake. My bad. I proceeded to bleed in a profuse and cartoon-like manner (completely traumatizing my 5 year old... she cried for at least a half hour straight). Our neighbor, and EMT was called to assess and treat the small, yet terrifically deep, wound.

    The next day saw me on crutches and eventually getting stitches and a tetanus shot.

    So please feel free to grade on the curve... yours looks like A+ work to me!

  9. No way is that C- they're fabulous, amazing and... well just look at mine willya?

  10. Wow, impressive carvings!

    Check out my shoe design blogspot? All my designs are hand-drawn also! Take care X