Wednesday, 10 November 2010


The Capacious Be-Pocketed Changing Bag

changing bag front

As mentioned in previous posts, my adorable friend Claire is currently (over)due her third baby. To cheer her up (and remind her that she will soon be carrying approximately four stone of baby accessories), I made her a super-sized changing bag. I'm helpful like that.

changing bag front pockets

Under the messenger flap are two external deep pockets.

changing bag side

To both sides are deep elasticated pouch pockets for keeping keys / wallet / phones / beer bottles safe and handy.

changing bag zipper

To the back a rather large zippered compartment for Xanax and candy bars.

changing bag inside

Because I hate ironing on interfacing, instead the bag is inner-lined with stiff canvas so it can stand up all by itself. Inside, there are a further two pockets to keep nappies and wipes segregated from an interior gigantic enough to accommodate lots of extra clothes, blankets, snacks. The strap is double sided with a length of webbing hidden inside so she can safely cart wine boxes to baby group. In short, the perfect bag for a person with all the attendant glories of Being No Longer Pregnant.

Addendum: Friends, next time the Jehovah's Witnesses come proselytising, please can you convert so I no longer put myself under pressure to make your birthday and holiday presents? Also, become celibate. I'm currently not spending enough time messing about on the internet.


  1. wow! This is just what I need. An enormous but still cool bag. I envy your creativity.

  2. That is adorable! All those pockets - and she'll need them.

  3. Ahh that is PERFECT!! I've been looking for a diaper bag everywhere; online, in stores, patterns to make my own.

    I don't really like any of the bags I've seen available for purchase, and I'm not a very experienced sewer yet. All the patterns I've seen I don't quite understand or think I could make well.

    This is such a great design. I wish I could find something like this. I have a month and a half left. I hope I find something!

  4. Love it! Very stylish and practical - the perfect diaper bag.

  5. Will this be an available pattern from you? If so it will save me loads of searching to find a good pattern as my sister is due to have her second child after Christmas and I want to make her a changing bag.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Victoria: I don't reckon you'd need to be a very advanced sewer to do this bag! The trickiest bit is the zippered pocket but other than that it was pretty straightforward :)

    @Louiz: Possibly, although I'd probably have it as a free tute than sell the pattern... my other bag pattern hasn't sold phenominally so it's probably best to still to the kids clothes!

  7. Hiya, how do I get hold of this pattern??