Saturday, 6 November 2010


Round up, roll up, Ottobre

Despite being a subscriber to the Ottobre children's magazine for a couple of years, I don't actually make very many things from their patterns because of the tracing / seam allowance sadism. Is it possible to resist this though?

No, I don't think it is possible to resist. It's the cutest thing I've ever seen.

I'm really drawn to this loungey suit too, probably because I'm still hankering for some feety pjs.

When I recently renewed my subscription, I added the woman's magazine too. The majority of the clothes are not my taste as such, but I really like this knit dress.

And I'm pretty partial to this sweatshirt too with its zippy raglan seams. And I must say I find the 'real life' models really refreshing too! Has anyone attempted Ottobre Women patterns and have any feedback to pass on?


  1. Eee, my to faves from the latest Otto! And why isn't that grey jumpsuit in grown up sizes?? Hubby wanted one when he saw this issue.

  2. Ugh I've been trying to resist subscribing for ages because postage is wicked expensive. This post did is not helping! I want all those patters!

  3. my sanity demanded I sell all my Ottobre and never subscribe again. I can't handle it.

  4. Funny I quite enjoy the tracing bit and the lack of seam allowances...does that make me a Sadist?!I find it preparation for making the garment. I just trace it straight and cut the fabric 1cm where-ever it has a seam..nothing fancy, it works for me.
    I have made several ladies things, I made a top from the latest issue..#7 without the elastic. I couldn't get a decent photo of it. I have found their sizing very good, I need to narrow hips, thats all.
    As for their kids stuff, I use Ottobre for almost everything I make. Best value ever for me who has 4 kids of varying ages, both boys and girls, to make for.

  5. I've made a few garments from the women's magazine and they all turned out fine, without any alterations. And I use them a lot for kids, I find them just great!

  6. I've been thinking of getting a subscription to them. Mostly because the only shop I know of round here that actually stocks it has bizarre opening hours and usually I turn up an hour after they've closed. Or they've sold out. This would be because I'm still on the hunt for cargo pants for Kathryn. Plus I like tracing patterns (I hate using the originals when they're multisized) and if you've going to trace it anyhow why not add a seam allowance at the same time.

  7. I just got my first issue and laughed when I pulled out the pattern sheet. My goodness, it looks like a nightmare! On top of that, I don't do cm...I'm an inches gal and when you start talking about converting, and then the pattern pull out again, and the adding seam allowances, it's all a bit much. Pretty pictures tho. Maybe someday when I get the time LOL.