Tuesday, 23 November 2010


The tunics at the end of the tunnel

autumn tunics 002

I've been working on a Very Big Top Secret Project for what seems like weeks now. Hampered by the pox and assembly line sewing, it felt like I was getting nowhere but finally there's a light at the end of the tunnel. And in that light there's some rather lovely tunics.

autumn tunics 004

This turquoise and green tulip print has to be one of my favourite fabrics, and as such, I haven't sewn with it much. Isn't that perverse? I'm a complex creature.

autumn tunics 008

And this brown bird print is making its sewing debut. I've only had it for five months. Shocking behaviour on my part again.

autumn tunics 006

The colours are lovely and autumnal, and the bird houses are frankly adorable.

Top Secret reveal and a lot more finished garments coming soon!


  1. Gorgeous! I love that tulip fabric too. :D

  2. Love those brown birds! I hear you on the assembly line sewing. This weekend is a (my last ever) craft fair and I'm trying to sew up a bunch of the fabric I bought in ridiculous quantities.

    Of course my necklines never lie as pretty as yours, no matter how obsessively I follow your tutorial. :)

  3. Really Very Very pretty. Both fabrics gorgeous. x

  4. *squints eyes suspiciously* Are those growed up sized tunics? They look pretty big in relation to the tree, and that looks like a growed up size coat hanger...Maybe you're practicing sewing for adults because - OMG!!!1! You're sewing the dress for the royal wedding next year, aren't you???!1? I KNEW it. Will she be in a cowl necked jersey affair? *hopes*

    P.s. I heart the tulip fabric :)

  5. I love that tulip fabric!

    I take it that all is better now? Hoping the sinus situation is less painful anyhow.

  6. i love the birdy one! i've awarded you the one lovely blog award by the way, do pop over and collect it!

  7. What is that fabric in the first tunic? I can see why you didn't sew with it much; I'm the same way. Although I'm trying to come around because it's no good having lovelies sitting boxed up in my stash. :-)