Sunday, 14 November 2010


The Catch Your Death Cowl

cowl dresses 012

As I mentioned yesterday, this week I attempted to make Friend Sarah recreate my 12 year old self's friendship experience. If you weren't friends with me as a 12 year old (and let's face it, most weren't), it meant dressing in either matching or coordinating outfits with your BFFs. On New Year's Day 1991, me and my friend Amber sported white t-shirts, black waistcoats, black cropped leggings and side ponytails to visit her new brother in hospital. I know, haters gonna hate. Although Friend Sarah suffers many indignities for being my friend, waistcoats and side ponytails would be pushing it. Probably.

cowl dresses 011

The above cowl dress in a grey and red check is my newest dress. Obviously, due to current sinus-related maladies you're not going to get a modelled picture. If you've been watching The Walking Dead, picture this dresses on one of the zombies and that's pretty accurate. No, wait. Here is a modelled pic:

cowl dresses 006

This is my hand heading up into town to meet Friend Sarah on Thursday night, when I got drenched by an Edinburgh monsoon and lo and behold- caught my death.

cowl dresses 015

This is the dress I made Sarah. It's a rather nice marled double knit with a lovely drape.

cowl dresses 014

Obviously she doesn't get a print or pattern lest she upstage me.

Addendum: It's definitely the pox.


  1. I used to love dressing the same as my BFF in the 80's, cool dresses.

    As much as I love Egg, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to watch The Walking Dead, those zombies scare the hell out of me.

  2. I think you should make Steven model it with balloons down the front as a pennance for going to football when you're obviously dying.

  3. Love the nails! Clearly, I have priorities. ;)

  4. Very envious of your nails. Please tell me they were done just before that photo was taken. I love dark nail polish ...

  5. Love the fabric (where did it come from, and do they have any left?) and love the nails. Plus, hope the pox leaves soon.

  6. I hope you're feeling better soon!