Saturday, 13 November 2010


The Posts that Never Were

Two days ago, I started writing a post about me and Friend Sarah recreating my 12 year old friendship experience complete with snazzy coordinating outfits. Yesterday I started writing a post about a newborn girl who entered the world dramatically in her own living room.

Today, all I can muster is a dramatic representation of our up to date family portrait:

From left to right.

Jamie- Chicken pox. Or not chicken pox. Medical opinion is divided. Please note smile. These pox don't itch, they're merely exciting.

Me- The Mother of All Sinus Infections. Please note irritation to all areas of face.

Maia- Crying because she does not have Chicken Pox like Jamie. Please note model hair and multicoloured eyes.

Steven- Happy because he's going to the football. Please note how his smile is so big it creates eye crinkles.


  1. Oh no! Sending you lots of get better wishes... xx

  2. Oh dear. At least two out of the four of you are happy.
    Sympathies on the sinus front, I'm a fellow sufferer. I am always amazed at how much pain can be caused by such small tubes.

  3. Ouchies:( I have dodgy sinuses, so I feel your pain (but please, only metaphorically this year I hope)Kathryn wasn't bothered by having chickenpox either. Give Maia a red pen and tell her to give herself spots! And her dad when he's asleep:>

  4. give her 2 weeks and the 'non' chicken pox might appear... my two had it the same week last year. not itchy, just caged... the latter being me!

  5. Oh, no! Poor you. Sinus infections are the worst and so draining on top of everything. :(

  6. I totally feel for Maia. When my big brother broke out with chicken pox, I would not leave him alone (he was 4 years older and a god to me back then).

    My utter devotion to him resulted in my breaking out in chicken pox on Christmas Day at age 3. This no doubt thrilled my poor mother.