Wednesday, 3 November 2010


If Minnie Mouse got pregnant she'd totally love this top

My lovely friend Kat has just announced the impending arrival of her third child and ordered me in a bossy way asked me to make her a maternity top. Being afraid of Kat and her mystical powers of back-chat (she even insults me in Spanish), I couldn't refuse. But I could make her wait an unreasonable time before I started it. Sorry about that.

Pattern available here.

The pattern is very clever. It has a cross over wrapped bodice and two nine feet tails that go round and round and preserve your modesty. And other than the cutting it's very easy to make*.

This is my adorable friend Claire modelling the top, who was due to have her third child yesterday. I'm so glad she delayed child birth so she could model for me. Obviously I haven't done any hemming yet, which is just as well because I inadvertently made each side of the wrap seven feet too long. Seven feet too long. Ergo, Claire has 32 feet of fabric wrapped round and round her stomach. She's such a trouper.

*For other people, obviously.


  1. Oh my gosh, did she make it out unharmed?? Looks fab, can't wait to try! K x

  2. HA! So glad I'm not the only one who does stuff like that. She can be EXTRA modest with 14 extra feet of fabric.

  3. Yes, as Emily said, your friend can be extra modest--plus, she'll never need a coat all the Scottish winter long! Hilarious. Well, anyway, better too long than too short, eh?

  4. I wonder if this would work for a non-maternity top, too. I'd love one!

  5. I've heard of ten-yard skirts before, but ten-yard wraps? I think this may be a first. :-) It's good, though - I hope your friend Kat will be pleased.

  6. If you did a diaper-type wrap that would be perfect for a Sumo wrestler! Or Lady Gaga could wrap the extra down her legs for something new to wear to an awards show! It does look cute though, seriously.